Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Black & White

There is something about black and white photos. With the loss of color, other elements of the composition become important; the photo becomes a bit more abstract and emphasizes lines, textures and tones.

Creating B&W from color is not just as simple as removing the color and this is a skill I'd like to learn. Here is one attempt.

The first picture is the color photos. The only enhancement done is the application of a 'unsharp mask' (used to sharpen the image). I'll be using this photo is a series of B&W conversion.

The second photo is my first attempt at converting to B&W. I performed the following enhancements: crop, B&W, burn (darkened) the roof, dodged (brightened) the shell signs.

Whaddya think? I think my habit of creating dark images is showing.

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