Saturday, August 16, 2008

Downtown Sac on a Friday Night

It's Friday night, and I'm walking around the California capital building in downtown.
Another wonderful sunset out in on the west coast. I guess all the fires and pollution are good for something.

Lot's of great shots. I think I got a few, but missed a lot.

This photo shows the Tower Bridge off in the distance, silhouetted against the last dregs of sunlight.

Some of the shots were overexposed in places. I really need to start using the histogram more - I think that I would've come home with more shots. For example this shot of the capital building. I like the weird perspective, and the motion blurred trees in the foreground. But the overexposed parts of the building - not so much.
Common wisdom has it that one should expose for the highlights, but "develop" for the shadows.

A cop on a bicycle stopped and ask me if I was amateur or professional. Funny. Probably some legal reason (ie, permit required for pros).

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