Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nimbus Lake Overlook at Night

I stopped by the Nimbus Lake overlook to scout a somewhere to shoot the sunset.  Its about a mile from where I'm currently living.  From up there, one has a great view of Nimbus lake, the damn and the fisheries.
Sadly, when I returned for the sunset I found that the spot where I thought the sun would go down was totally wrong!  Should have taken a compass. 

I waited awhile until it was dark to play around with some more night shots. 

There was a great blood-red moon rise, but I messed it up.  I didn't take it seriously, because I don't have a telephoto, so I figured the moon would show up as a small indistinct light.  So, I didn't change the shutter speed - I just took the shoot.  In a 30s shoot, the moon can move a significant amount, which results in oblong blur of a moon.

Once I got back to the computer and examined the shot on a bigger screen, I realized that the shot would've worked - if the shutter speed had been correct!  There's a lesson in there.

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