Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Abstact: Red and Blue

I live on the northwest side of Colorado Springs. At lunch I often take walks in Ute Valley Park, Garden of the Gods, along the Santa Fe Trail, etc. I, of course, take my camera. Familiarity and harsh noon light, makes it a challenging time to take pictures. But it is a great way to exercise, both physically and creatively. In a week of lunch time walks, I may take around 100+ pictures. Most of the pictures are experiments. Playing with different angles of familiar sights, unusual subjects, new techniques. Most of the are utter failures. This photo, I think, works. I like the simplicity of form and color in contrast with the great texture of the rock.


jules said...

Well, paint me green with envy. I work on one of the many military bases, NO wondering around and definitely NO cameras.

Russ said...

Ouch! I'm sure that there would be some interesting pictures if you could take them :)

It is a nice place to work and live over here.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Wow! You live in such a gorgeous place! You are so lucky! Take a walks in Ute Valley Park, Garden of the Gods, it's really GREAT!