Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunset Red Granite

This is my first entry in the Thursday Challenge. This weeks theme is "BUILDING" (House, Hut, Tent, Skyscraper, Green House,...).

In Texas, they brag that The State of Texas capitol building is largest state capital building in the US - everything is bigger in Texas!

This Italian Renaissance Revival building was opened to the public April 21st, 1888. The building is constructed with "Sunset Red" granite quarried from Marble Falls, TX.

Click here to see a photo of the dome from inside.


Nukke said...

Beautiful Red Granite building, old , majestetic !!!
Greetings from Finland :)

Fadil Wimala said...


amanda guthrie said...

The blossoms are a great compliment to the color of the building, this is a stunning photo!

Russ said...

Thanks everyone!

Nukke - greetings from Colorado!