Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to Bridgetown

The Pikes Peak Greenway is a trail that runs through Colorado Springs from Air Force Academy south along Monument and Fountain Creeks to El Pomar Youth Sports Complex. It is also part of the Front Range Trail System. I’ve spend many hours running, walking and biking along this path.

At one point, the trail goes underneath a bridge at Garden of the Gods Road. Under this bridge are the murals of “High Rise Low Ride City” (or “Welcome to Bridgetown”). According to the mural itself, the “mural program is run by Workout Limited and Public Art Associates. It is free and open to all area youth”.

This picture is one small section of the mural.

If you like these pictures of graffiti and murals, go check out Sandy Carlson’s Strange Attractions: Exploring Graffiti blog. Edit: I thought I was being somewhat original when I started shooting murals and graffiti - then I ran across this very Sandy's very interesting blog.

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