Thursday, April 2, 2009


This week's Thursday Challenge is "DELICATE" (Glass, Lace, Jewelry, Plants, Breakable Things,...).

For this entry, I choose to show my mom's bead work and workstation as seen through her magnifying glass. I've watched her create designs like these. To me, it looks exceedingly tedious. I I'm don't believe that I'd have the patience to deal with those tiny beads. What's worse, if she's not happy with how the project is going, she'll strip off all the beads and start over again. That is dedication, and it pays off with the end result.

Good job mom!


ms toast burner said...

I love the folded glasses to the right and the effect of the magnifying glass - the blurry and the sharp... fantastic composition.

And great beadwork. I dabble in that myself and what your mom does is highly skilled! She must have the patience of a saint!!!

Bryan said...

I definitely wouldn't have the patience for something like this. I like to work with my fingers, but more in a musical sense. Those beads look tiny! My utmost respect for your mom and her work.

Glennis said...

Congratulate you Mother on her excellent work. That dragonfly is glowing and looks like it could flit off in a second.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bead work and a clever composition. Great photo blog!

Russ said...

Thanks everyone -- I'll let my mom know.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice photo and what nice comments on the beadwork. I am flattered.

Again, thanks to all of you