Thursday, April 16, 2009

Huntington & Hopkins Hardware

Today's Thursday Theme is "SIGNS" (Traffic, Building, Neon, Peace Signs, Graffiti, Religious,...).

This photo is of the Huntington & Hopkins Hardware building, one of the historic buildings located in Old Sacramento Historic District. These buildings date from the early California Gold Rush days.

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prkl said...

whutta great place. instant waybackmachine. hope there's a working store not only tourist attraction, it's such a nice place. very good catch for TC!

ms toast burner said...

What a gorgeous building, those doors are something else.

Anonymous said...

How cool is this. The next time I am in Placerville I need to make a trip to Sacremento, lovely buildings!

amanda said...

sorry forgot my link

Russ said...


prkl - I believe these building are mainly museums now. I was there too late to go inside.

Amanda - Sacramento does have some picturesque buildings. The capital building is pretty awesome also.