Sunday, May 31, 2009


Here's a shot I look over Memorial Day weekend while traveling around Crested Butte. I'm not entirely sure exactly where I took the photo. I've been playing around with a new method of Geotagging my photos. I really enjoy being able to look at Google Earth and seeing where I was when I took a shot. Unfortunately, my geotagging system got messed up with this series.

I suspect that, one day, all digital cameras will have an internal GPS to handle geotagging. Just as long as they don't put a cell phone in my camera. I already have a useless camera in my cellphone.

What did ya'll think of the slideshow post (Edit: Fixed link)? I'm trying to decide if I should post more slideshows. Look in my side bar for a poll on this subject.

I'm about to head up to Cripple Creek to play another Texas Hold'em tourney. I'll be taking my camera in case I have time to walk around town. Actually, I'm taking two cameras: My usual Canon 40D and my old Nikon F70 (a film camera). I've filled it with some B&W film and put a 50mm lens on it. That should be an interesting challenge! I'm sure I've forgotten how to use film.

That's today's Scenic Sunday. Take a stroll over to Scenic Sunday's site, and look around!


cieldequimper said...

Superb shot. I'm not into modern technology so you're kind of talking Chinese to me! ;-)

Bryan said...

Luckily for me I understand a bit of both technology and Chinese, but I also speak another language: poker. What kind of stakes do you play out there?

I've been eyeing some of the Nikon F-series cameras in case my curiosity in film ever develops to the point of experimentation, so I'll be very interested to see how your photos turn out!

JPT said...

Nice photo's and a nice blog.

Baruch said...

Beautiful & scenic

Barbara said...

Gorgous capture. This is my first visit to your blog and enjoyed it very much. Have a great week. Smiles Barbara

BPOTW said...

That is awesome photo! Mountains are so majestic and the cloud adds a perfect touch.

Pros said...

What a great photo. Why a my landscape photos not like yours ;-)

I'm also into geotagging for some time now and I use my (i)phone to track my location during my photoshoots and to geotag my photos afterwards.
I agree that phones have lousy cameras, but at least I found an extra purpose for my phone.
More info about the iPhone app:

Russ said...

Thanks for you kind words everyone.

Bryan - in Colorado the casinos are limited to $5 max bet. However, in July, the limits go up to $100. But, I play tournaments. The one I play is a $55+5 buy-in and seats 66 people max. Sadly I went out early and hung around to watch my buddy play. He was the penultimate bubble boy.

Retraction: My old Nikon is actually an N70 - not an F70. Although they are supposedly identical.

It's descent. It's missing a DOF preview (which is SO helpful), and the ability to do double exposures. And, I now in the habit of looking at the screen after some shots. The N70 seems to be missing that also :)

Anonymous said...

Love the colors in this capture. I don't know much about Geotagging, gonna go google it and read up!

joshi daniel said...

this is just amazing!