Thursday, May 28, 2009


This weekend, there were a few flowers out in the Crested Butte area. This one is of a type I've never seen before. It is a Sugarbowl (also known as a Leatherflower) and belongs to the Buttercup family.

Crested Butte is known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado. We plan to return for the Wildflower Festival held July 6th - 12th.

I'm not really happy with my skill at photographing flowers and hope to improve. I'm also thinking about renting a Canon 100mm macro lens to play with while I'm there. Should be fun!

This is my first entry in the Purple Photo Passion meme. I've been looking for purple things to capture for a few weeks so that I could join.


Terry said...

Wow ,
I have never seen flowers like these before.
Thank you for sharing the photo.
They remind me of Chinese lanterns you carry on a pole.
July sounds like a great chance to practice your
photography skills while having a lot of fun .
Have a great rest of the week.

ms toast burner said...

Beautiful flower! I've not seen one like that before... very nice.

Yes! Rent the macro lens!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Can't wait to see what you produce with the macro lens. This purple flower is unique, but then all flowers are. Our wildflower season here in So. Cal. is long over. Last year we had such a display, this year not so much, too little rain.

Kahshe Cottager said...

I have never seen this type of flower before and at first glance I thought it was a blue bleeding heart. A second glance ruled that thought out though. Lovely photo!

Photo Cache said...

Mother Nature is so awesome giving us joys like this flower.

boliyou said...

I've never seen this kind of flower before. That's terrific! Thanks for playing.

Esther said...

Completely new to me, this flower! and I think you're doing very well indeed!

maryt/theteach said...

Great photo of a lovely flower, Russ! Nicely done! :)

Russ said...


storyteller said...

Lovely purple blossoms ... totally new to me as well. I shared Miscellaneous Purples Passionately at Sacred Ruminations today.
Hugs and blessings,