Saturday, August 8, 2009

House Cleaning

I'm currently going back and reviewing all the photos that I took in 2008. The first step in my normal work flow is to immediately delete photos that are obviously bad. I find though, that I'm not as strict with that as I should, and have a large supply of crappy images.

Reviewing the photos that I took from the distance of a year really lets me separate myself from the emotions involved when I took the picture.  Over the last week I've deleted many dozens of photos.

However, I've also been able to save some.  In the last year, I've learned how to better handle RAW images and post-processing.  This image is a great example.  Straight out of the camera, the image of Lake Tahoe lacked contrast.  All that was needed was adjusting the curves. Back then, the curves adjustment was a big mystery to me.

This house cleaning has been very enlightening.


kaye said...

it certainly looks like one worth keeping

Gaelyn said...

Nice image at Tahoe. I find it difficult to deleate any but real blurry pics. Need to research this RAW stuff more but not until my busy work season is over.

cieldequimper said...

Any chance of a swim there without coming out as blue as the water?

Nicole said...

Grin, at least for you it's only 2008.
I'm still hopping between 2006 up to 2009, sigh....
But I know what you mean with the "saving" pics thing.
I've created many artsy stuff with pics that were utter crap without any manipulation :)

This lake shot turned out great :)!

joshi daniel said...

cool colors and a very good view!

Russ said...

Thanks all!

And actually, you would probably be blue after swimming in the water -- the water can be quite cold at times!

Nicole - I've found the same thing. But at some point, I either gotta let go, or, go buy a lot more disk space :)

Audrey said...

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