Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Red Rock on Blue

As I'm sure I stated ad nauseam, I spend a lot of time with my camera in Ute Valley Park and Garden of the Gods. That may seem boring. But, I believe that constantly returning to the same place helps the creative process. I see the grand vistas everyday. I've taken the iconic pictures of Garden of the Gods that everyone else has. However, there are millions of other shots that require only the vision to see them. For some things, familiarity does not breed contempt, but rather it breeds appreciation.  Hopefully I'm learning to open my eyes and see what is in front of me.

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Gaelyn said...

Great composition and contrast. I agree about returning to a place many times. It can take that to get beyond the iconic shots and into the intimate. Excellent capture Russ.

Anonymous said...

Any scenes you photograph in Colorado is absolutely great w/ me! I love it there!

kaye said...

one can never tire of looking at such magnificent works of art. Red Rock and Blue Open Sky--does it get any better than that?

Photo Cache said...

How can you get tired of this? It's like Yosemite, no matter how much you photograph it, it is different each time.

Have a great week.

Russ said...

Thank you all!

Nicole said...

This shot's awesome!
The colours and composition's perfect!
It makes me wanna sit in front of it as a poster and just relax :)

Russ said...

Thanks Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting works, glad you captured them to share with us!
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