Monday, September 14, 2009

Johnny O

Late post today. Here it is the first day of my sabbatical, and I spent all day doing chores. Included in that was processing some pictures taken at the 2009 Belvedere Blues Festival. As stated in Saturday's post, I was invited by one of the organizers to take pictures of the event. The organizer knows my wife, and I sent him some pictures that I took at the Brew Ha-Ha festival from earlier this year (click here for one photo). I guess he liked them.

It was very flattering and a very intimidating. I think that I'm a good landscape photographer, and I'm trying to learn how to photograph people. But the idea shooting three days at a festival was a bit overwhelming.

All in all, it has a great learning experience. I also got to see some great bands as well.  This is by far the best musical experience I've had since leaving Austin, TX. This photo is of the very talented Johnny O Band out of Boulder, CO.

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Jan said...

This is a great photo. I can almost hear the music.

Gaelyn said...

I like the image. Glad you could enjoy the music. Have fun on your sabbatical. I'm sure you'll love all the places on your SW exploration list.

Anonymous said...

The organizer should be well pleased with work of this quality.

christina said...

Nice shot, and you should be satisfied!!

have a nice week!! /christina

ms toast burner said...

Hey Russ... catching up on my blogging!

Great photos! These Blues Fest ones are excellent! Congrats on getting that gig.

Yes, protect your ears and hearing... my hearing loss is the result of loud music (loved my concerts!) and it's not fun.

Enjoy your sabbatical!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I love the way one musician is unseen. It adds to the sense of mystery.

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

I love this shot as you did it...perfect!