Monday, October 19, 2009

Angel's Landing

This morning I did the Angel's Landing hike. What a beautiful trail. It goes 2.5mi from the valley floor up 1488 ft to the top of a knife edge ridge. What a view!!

As I was descending, I came across a number of people crawling up on their hand and knees. At least they are trying.

iPhone photo from the top. See the stretch of road 1200ft below? The prominent shadow at 10:30AM gives a good idea of the depth of the canyon.

Tomorrow I'll tour around the area by car and do a little bike riding. Then on Wednesday, I'll hike the Narrows to the famous "Wall Street" - a place in the canyon that is 22ft wide and 1500ft deep.

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Gaelyn said...

Wow, what a view. I still haven't hiked Angels Landing, but hear horror stories from the scared.
The Narrows are awesome. Recommend renting a pair of river shoes if you don't have them, and take a walking stick or trecking poles.

Kcalpesh said...

Believe you were right on the edge when you shod that photo... it's indded very deep over there. Nice shot!

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