Thursday, October 1, 2009

Distant Sunset

One evening, I sat on the edge of a cliff waiting for the sunrise. I expected to see the sunset on on some interesting mountains to the west. However, that never panned out. Instead, to the south, a series of hills caught the cross light.

In order to capture this type of landscape, it is useful to include some sort of interesting element in the foreground. The foreground element provides scale to give context to the rest of the scene.

While I was waiting here, a hawk circled me a half of a dozen times, from about 100 feet above me. The hawk was close enough that I could see it turning it's head to check me out. Very cool, although, I made sure to think UN-mouse like thoughts. To bad I had my landscape lens attached!


Gaelyn said...

Again, great light and shadows.

chrome3d said...

There is something Asian, japanese perhaps, in the composition with that tree. Only the desert mountain background moves it away from Asia. This one moves around in my head.

ms toast burner said...

Great photo, Russ... bloody gorgeous area!

And thank you for introducing me to the notion of unmouse-like thoughts! lol!