Friday, November 20, 2009


By the time I arrived in Zion National Park in mid October, I had been on the road for about a month. I was getting very tired of hotels and campgrounds.

However, the beauty of Zion smashed that home sickness away. What an amazing place. October is the perfect time to visit. The crowds have thinned, but the shuttle buses are still running. The weather is comfortable, and the leaves are changing color.

This photo was taken up the Upper Emerald pool where the walls of the canyon loom over you.

While in the park I keep running into pair of Portuguese photographers, Joao and Antonio. It was quite funny - lots of "you're following me" jokes. In fact, we had dinner together on their last evening in the park when I stumbled into the same restaurant.

Be sure to visit Joao's and Antonio's websites.

Also, take some time to visit Skywatch Fridays.


Sylvia K said...

Zion is a gorgeous park and you've captured a piece of it perfectly, along with lovely skies!

Have a great weekend, Russ!


Marvin said...

Such a deep blue sky. Nice capture.

Gaelyn said...

It is amazing to be surrounded by those giant cliffs in Zion, especially after looking down into Grand Canyon all summer. If it wasn't so hot there in the summer I'd consider working there.
How fun to keep running into the same folks. National Parks people are usually very friendly.
Great capture.

Martha Z said...

This is a wonderful shot. I have been thinking that October would be a great time for a photographer to go to the southwest.

Serendipity said...

What an amazing shot!

Al said...

Beautiful, evocative photograph, capturing the light and dark perfectly.