Friday, December 11, 2009

Chimney at Sunset

Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah - a chimney of rock, aka sand pipe. The park many such chimneys. They are believed to be solidified sediment that filled ancient springs or geyser left standing after the softer surrounding Entrada sandstone rock eroded away.

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JPT said...

Love the sky.

Gaelyn said...

Great capture Russ. I see a person looking left up into the sky in that chimney. Erosion is amazing. I haven't been to Kodachrome Basin, next summer for sure.

Maria Berg said...

I liek your photo a lot I found you through Virgin River and the Sentinel
Scenic Sunday.
I ahve looked att many of your photo they are good, MB

Russ said...

Thanks all!

Gaelyn, yes! I see a person also. Fun with pareidolia!