Thursday, December 17, 2009

Return to Delicate Arch

Here's one last image of Delicate Arch. In the sky above is the Moon and Jupiter (probably).

When setting up for this shot, I didn't have a lot of light. A long exposure would have exposed more of the foreground, but too long would cause the Moon and Jupiter to become elongated (due to the Earth's rotation). A shorter exposure might have lost Jupiter, but exposed the moon better. It’s a tricky exposure problem capture both the foreground and the bright objects.

In order to get a short shot, I pumped up the ISO on my camera, knowing that noise would be an issue. I really didn't want the noise, but, I couldn't think of another option. I was hoping that I could somehow mitigate the noise at home. In this case I decided to add more noise; I applied a crinkled paper texture to the photo. Sometimes, a little noise is annoying, while more is pleasing (hopefully).

You may note that moon has flares and is overexposed. I believe the flairs are due to the very small aperture is used to capture the scene. Overall, the moon looks more like the Sun than the Moon and lends a surrealistic feel to the image.

Be sure to visit Sky Watch Friday for other views of the sky from around the world.


Anonymous said...

lovely capture russ.
the color of the sky is fab.

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic shot, Russ! Breathtaking colors. Love the moon!!

Have a great weekend!


Photo Cache said...

Another winner.

Guy D said...

Outstanding shot Russ, I love this pic.

All the best :)
Regina In Pictures

Gaelyn said...

It looks like you're on another planet Russ. Interesting effect.

Al said...

Stunning. It looks like a painting. Great job!

kaye said...

It turned out perfect, I'd love this to hang in my house.

eileeninmd said...

It is an awesome photo! Arches nat'l park is a wonderful place, I loved it there.

Great photo, Well done!

Shannara said...

You have got a lot of very nice photos in here. This pic for example is just perfect.

Wish I had the time and the camera to do better than I do. (but I'm alone with six kids and I only have an ordinary Canon Digital Ixus so what can one expect)

At least I got the passion! ;)

Have a nice holiday!

T and S said...

Beautiful image. Happy new year to you...Thomas

Álvaro said...

Fantastic!!! I become one of your followers. I´ll visit you again.
Greetings from Spain.