Friday, August 13, 2010

Big Mountain, Bigger Sky

I got bored recently with photography. Or maybe, I should say I've gotten bored taking pictures of the same old thing. I mean how many photos of Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods do I need?

I guess the answer is more! Truthfully, I never get bored of watching the many faces of the peak. I just have this personality that gets obsessed with something and focuses a lot of time, energy and learning on that thing (photography, a game, dancing, poker, birding, etc). I devote myself almost solely to that subject. At least until the next interest comes along. It's all about ebb and flow. Time to catch that wave again.

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Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

What a fantastic photo. How I wish I live there so I can take pictures of that beautiful place, over and over again :)

My Skywatch Friday entry

Sylvia K said...

What a gorgeous way to start the day! When we are surrounded by beauty like this and like what I have in here in the northwest, I don't think you ever tire of watching -- and photographing what we see. Superb capture, Russ! Enjoy your weekend!


Luna Miranda said...

this is a beautiful sunrise...a soft morning. thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

My goodness I could never get tired of seeing that. Very nice photograph!

Gaelyn said...

Glad you're back to sharing these great captures of your beautiful part of the country.

Russ said...

Thanks all!