Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Self Experimentation

This year I have two big photographic goals: 1) learn to use flashes 2) learn to take good people pictures. Taking self-portraits seem like a good way to start. At least to get some of the basics down so that I can learn to quickly setup equipment and make setting adjustments. Here's an attempt at a self-portrait using a single flash (580ex II on camera). I was looking for that low-key look. I wish my model was better looking!


Gaelyn said...

Your model is quite handsome. I too need to work on portrait photography.

Jo said...

Yep, the model passes for me too Love the hat. I bought one for my son here in Tanzania and took it home to him in South Africa last month. I'm not sure whether he thought it was so cool, but I did! Good portrait, Russ. I need to work on mine too. Greetings, Jo (East Africa)

Russ said...

Gaelyn and Jo - Thanks for the kind words!