Sunday, September 27, 2009

Life, Renewed

I've spent the last few day camping in the Chiricahua mountains.

This iPhone photo shows a field of flowers growing in the remind of an old forest fire near the Rustlers Park campground.

I now understand the term islands in the sky. These mountains rise up above the surrounding desert. I really enjoyed waking up to 40 F mornings.

While up there, I saw two black bears, wild turkeys, and a lot of white tail deer. Nearby, I saw coatimundi and javalina. Both first time sightings.

Here's an iPhone photo of the area.

More later...

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Gaelyn said...

Fire does bring out the wildfires. Great wildlife sightings. Look forward to the real camera pics.

The Aspen are in fine golden form and the young ones in the 2000 Outlet fire creat a blazing hill of color.