Monday, October 5, 2009

Bad Weathers yield Good Photos

When I first went got to the Phoenix area, I went to the Whitetank Regional Park to scout out the area for a morning shoot.

After driving and hiking around, I finally found this spot. I thought that the cactus in the foreground against the sunrise light mountain in the background would make for an interesting picture.

However, the next morning was heavily overcast. I thought for sure that I would get no sun. But, I setup up the tripod and camera and prepared to wait.

And wait.

About the time I was ready to give up, the clouds starting opening up, allowing intermittent light to shine though. What a glorious sight. I hope that my photo captures some inkling of the reality of the scene.

I went back again this morning to capture some other subjects. This time around, the sun never did come out. Still, I'm glad that I put myself in the position to capture such a serendipitous moment.


Gaelyn said...

The grey clouds make a good background and the chollas simply glow.

Highton-Ridley said...

The lighting's come across very well. Lovely saturated reds and yellows but with dark undertones from the heavy weather. Beautifully composed and captured and well worth the wait.

Nice :)


Wnderful light! The yellow and golden stands out against that dark and almost threatening cloud. Worth the wait, yes!

Willard said...

A very dramatic scenic. I love the subject and the lighting!

Manz said...

Patience is a virtue! Striking image.

I too love the effect of a break in the clouds - saw some stunning scenes in New Zealand which I never captured as we were on the move and could't pull the car over.

It must have been relaxing while waiting to cpature this image...?