Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kolob Sunset

This image was taken at sunset, near the Kolob Canyon overlook in western part of Zion National Park. To get here, via car, from Zion canyon, you must leave the park and drive a fair bit of distance. There are also trails that connect the two areas. I'd love to return to Zion and do some backpacking. One see such a limited part of the park near the roads.

Happy Thanksgiving all!


Gaelyn said...

That was a beautiful drive but I agree hiking into the backcountry would be better. I liked the Kolob reservoir area also. You've captured these exquisite sunset colors against the rocks so well.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Russ.

Mark Alan Meader said...

So many people totally pass this area by when they visit Zion, but it is well worth the time to get there.. This and the east side towards Mt. Carmel are actually my favorites, more than the canyon. Much less crowded and still very uniquely beautiful. Excellent image.

Marka said...

Gorgeous colors and shadows!

Linnea W said...

Amazing lighting...happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

GAWO said...

Beautiful and amazing.
A long way from Norway :-)