Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Towers of the Virgin

The Towers of the Virgin, Zion National Park. The flat peak on the left side is the West Temple and is the highest point in Zion at 7810 ft. On the far right is the Altar of Sacrifice (named for the red stains on the white Navajo Sandstone).

This photo is the first that I've taken with a Graduated Neutral Density filter.  This filter is dark at the top and gradually clears until it is completely clear at the bottom.  Without the neutral density filter, the foreground in the resulting image may have been too dark (or if the foreground was properly exposed, the sky and cliffs may have been blown out).  Without the filter, I might have been forced to use photoshop to bring out the foreground. 


Gaelyn said...

I remember this site. Interesting sounding filter and great capture Russ.

kaye said...

that's a gorgeous shot Russ, I'm really enjoying these shots from Zion's