Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Best of 2009

I've been seeing a lot of "Best of 2009" photo series. The idea intrigued me. Selecting only 10 photos out of the thousands that I took in 2009 was really difficult! It was great exercise examining images that I may not have seen awhile and articulate why I like a certain image or another.  Analyzing the reasons why one photo is better than another should, hopefully, help me improve.  Here's to a productive 2010.

Staying Warm - A spotted towhee in the brush during a winter storm - 2/14/2009

Striking a Pose - A Merekat striking a pose at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - 2/16/2009

Replenish - Pond at Ute Valley Park, Colorado Springs - 4/23/2009

Spotlight - First light of dawn at Garden of the Gods park, Colorado Springs - 5/30/2009

Busy as a Bee - Bees on a cone flower 6-6-09

Spider - a spider and his reflection against the blue sky - 8/5/09

Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park - 8/25/09

Cloudy Sunrise - sunrise in the Whitetank Mountains Regional park, Phoenix, AZ - 8/4/09

Moonset - Whitetank Mountains Regional park, Phoenix, AZ - 8/5/09

Tower of the Virgin - sunrise in Zion National Park - 8/20/2009


Linnea W said...

These are all fabulous in their own way. Very colorful, striking, and emotive. I have to pick the sky shot, though, with that incredible cloud formation as being my favorite. But I'm a sucker for landscape shots! Well done!

Jo said...

Russ, these are all beautiful but Replenish has to be my favourite. Do you have merekats in the wild?

ms toast burner said...

Phenomenal photos, Russ!

I had not seen the Avalanche Lake one before - freakin' gorgeous!

When I first saw 'Best of 2009' as the title for this post, I thought I'd see that 'Smokey Sunset' photo I like so much... but looking at it again and then these, I can kind of see why you didn't select it. I still like that photo a lot but these are exceptional.

'Replenish' is the winner here, imo!

Keep on snapping!

Russ said...


Jo - sadly, we have no wild merekats. Hopefully, I'll be able to visit them in the wild sometime...

MTB -Thanks! The smokey sunset photo is from 2008. If I'd had thought to do a "Best of 2008", I would have used that one! Jeez - time flys!

Indrani said...

Such lovely shots!
It is really difficult to favor just one.
Have a great year ahead clicking. :)