Sunday, January 31, 2010


I know, it's been awhile - this is the first post of new work for this year.

Can you guess of what this image is?


ms toast burner said...

hmmmmm... not sure!

I've been in buildings with ceilings sort of like that... dome buildings (I forget the name)... one of those?

Or... it's a close up of a painting.

Or... it's a Rubik's Cube on steroids.

Or... you're trapped inside a huge origami creation.

Whatever it is, it's very hypnotic. I love the colour variation. Great shot.

tcoopermd said...

It's odd that the light seems to come from different directions depending on where on the print the facet is located. There also seems to be four different types of reflections. Given the quality of the illumination of these 4 lights, I will guess that it's a globe-shaped object that's large and lit by direct light from behind the viewer and by skylight, light from sunlit clouds, and then from artificial light from a spotlight or street light.

That's convoluted and complicated, so it's prob'ly wrong.

All of that aside, I agree that it's an enchanting image. Something about it's organic AND mathematical.

To criticise, the two focal points seem to be the far bottom left corner and the upper right. The problem is that the bottom left is so close to the edge as to lead the eye out of the pic. I want to keep my eye focused on the upper right point. I'd be reluctant to crop much, but I'd be tempted to crop a tad from the bottom right, or try it in a frame. What are your thoughts?

Russ said...

Hey Tim - thanks for the feedback. I never thought about a focal point for this image. But I can see what you're talking about...

My intention was to have a strong pattern in the upper right. The lower left was the apparent breaking of the pattern (apparent only due to perspective). Seems more jumbled down there...